Blindfolds is a wordless short film that explores the new joy and knowledge that come with salvation, and inspires viewers to see their own Christian walk not as a secret to be kept, but a gift to be shared.

Thank You

Thank you is a conversational talk about thanksgiving. What are you going to do about being thankful?


Conquerors is an Allegoric Medieval Film that walks through the Christian Life. This is the second film with an original script from Gospel Motion Films. And once again our Goal was to reach out with a powerful message.

True Liberty

True Liberty deals with history and how our American heritage can effect our perspective of Faith.

What Christmas Means

With just a few days till Christmas, What Christmas Means was designed to answer the questions that I felt might arise around the Christmas Season.

Will You Believe?

Will You Believe was Gospel Motion Films first film with an original script rather than an adaption. Unlike our other projects this film was not for a contest. It was completely for the purpose of producing a film with a powerful message.

The Final Encounter

The final Encounter was also designed for a video contest put on by Perfect Praise Publishing. This film is based on their Wars of the Realm trilogy. This film is special because it was our first collaboration with Because of Jesus Films.

Herald of the Prince

Herald of the Prince was a film specifically designed for a film contest put on by Perfect Praise Publishing. It is based on their book series the Knights of Arrethtrae.